Editing Programmes


Pinnacle Studio, at Version 16, was taken over from Avid by Corel, and was in fact at one time destined to be Avid Studio 2. As such, it is a development of Avid Studio 1 which, although similar in layout to Pinnacle’s Studio, is an entirely different beast under the bonnet.  Consequently, as many will be upgrading to the newer Studio versions over a period of time, all the references to tips and wrinkles on Pinnacle’s original Studio versions are now removed from this site, leaving only the tips of a more generic nature.  

Avid or Pinnacle Liquid is now obsolete and although some are most likely still using this programme, it is becoming more and more out of date, and so references to that too have now been removed.  

The original purpose of these pages was to help users where help was otherwise difficult to find. Times have changed - most Editing Programme publishers have very active and helpful forums, and there are also numerous video editing help sites around the web dedicated to each editing system.

Added to this is the fact that I can only really write about editors I own and use - and these days, my video editor of choice is Avid Media Composer, with occasional use of Serif’s MoviePlus.  Both of these programmes are more than adequately catered for at numerous other sites, with comprehensive freely downloadable tutorials on virtually every aspect of their use.

So this section will now - eventually! - just cover general aspects and usage of Media Composer and MoviePlus, plus others that hobby video editors may find useful - programmes like BluffTitler, Band in a Box, SmartSound, Fantamorph, Format Factory, CrazyTalk and so on… all programmes that I own and use from time to time.

 principles behind all editing programmes and, as far as possible, will compare how their workflows fit into the general scheme of things.  Most of the video editing programmes have several websites dedicated to them - and you are strongly recommended to visit those sites where you questions will probably be better answered.