ENID BLYTON - The Beckenham Years
her story, before the legend began

Enid Blyton was unquestionably one of the era’s most prolific writers, bringing pleasure and joy to countless children the world over. Although pilloried by critics for her writing style and banned at various times from Libraries and the BBC, her books continue to be popular among children of all ages - in many instances, even introducing them to the joy of reading.  Quite simply, she had a knack of writing in a way children understood and appreciated.  There have been many articles and documentaries about her adult life - some of it rather derogatory and often laced with fiction. Little has been known, however, about her childhood - her ambitions and the joys and problems she faced while growing up.  We are all the result of our formative years: this documentary  is a re-enactment of Enid’s life to the time she became a successful writer - we paint a picture of her childhood as accurately as possible, without bias or opinion, and filmed for
the most part exactly where it all
happened.  Enid often said in
interviews  “I always wanted
to be a writer, but…”
Here is that dream and how,
finally, she achieved it …

Stills from the movie