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Orpington Remembered
This was our first  DVD made from the material found in Bromley Library Archives. The DVD covers a wide variety of different events in and around Orpington during the 1930s plus two events from the 1950s, and includes more recent material to show how some of the places depicted look today. A 36 page booklet accompanies this film - now available for download from this site: this booklet expands on some of the information provided in the movie, and gives some additional details about life in Orpington during the 1930s.  

The excerpts in the trailer here give an idea of the films varied content.

The original film material was silent, which is surprising for 35mm stock.  It is believed that it was shot by a small film crew called ‘Orpington News’, specially commissioned by the owner of Orpington’s cinema (the Commodore) at that time.  It is probable that at least some of the film was shown at the cinema along with the news reels. The material was found in the projection room of the Commodore when it was demolished, and handed over to Bromley Library.  We are grateful to the Spencer-May family for allowing us to share this material with you.

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