This is a two DVD set. The first DVD is a re-edited version of a digitally converted 1930s silent film ‘Greater Beckenham’, with added material and a commentary based on the original film-maker’s notes and our own research.  It shows in great detail many aspects of life in Beckenham during its Charter year - covering a diverse variety of events  and places including road building,  recycling methods (yes  even in those days!),  the installation and usage of Beckenham’s own electricity supply,  the fire brigade at work ,  and general life in the Charter year.  It shows in some detail the maternity homes,  hospitals,  children’s clinics and schools,  parks and sporting occasions, and  transport system of the day.  There are also classic views of  places like the Chinese Garage shortly after it was built, and Beckenham cinema and high street .  In short -  a true reflection of Beckenham and its people in the mid 1930s.   This movie runs for an engrossing 48 minutes.  

The second DVD is a compilation of short Beckenham related films , also from Bromley Archives.  It covers  the the opening of Beckenham Town Hall,  the 1937 Coronation celebrations,  a Mayor’s  World War 2 Battleship appeal, the downfall of the Crystal Palace tower and a Charity appeal by Claude Hulbert.- a well known actor of the day -   This compilation runs for just under 20 minutes. - Giving a tiotal running time for the 2 DVD set over an hour.

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Beckenham Remembered