From time to time I get the opportunity to try out new software,  and am happy to give my views about it here.  In the past, I gave regular reviews of Pinnacle Studio through every version from Studio 200 - in fact, these pages were originally created to help people over the difficulties encountered getting those early original hybrid editors to work -  the first versions edited using non-linear techniques, but ‘made back to tape’ using linear techniques involving an infra-red strobe to control a VHS recorder. Much depended on the make of VHS recorder - how long it took to get up to speed and so on.  Those were the days.  Pinnacle Studio metamorphosed several times, ultimately being replaced - as Pinnacle Studio 16 - by what was intended to be Avid Studio 2 (a different beast with a similar look, designed initially to replace Pinnacle/Avid Liquid - which went End of Line).  Then it was taken over from Avid by Corel … and although I have a copy of Avid Studio 2/Pinnacle 16, I never use it.  I also have a copy of Serif MoviePlus which I occasionally do use, but my main editor these days is Avid Media Composer (6).

In these new pages I have resurrected a couple of reviews from the ‘old’ pages that are still relevant, and will from time to time add to them, as and when I use new ‘stuff’’.


If you’ve never used this, you’re missing out on an inexpensive yet extremely powerful titling editor that is capable of so much more than just titling. Click the button for an overview.

MERCALLI  When I reviewed this originally, I called it the Tripod in your PC.  It has been upgraded since then and is now even better.  However, the upgrade makes the original review out of date - when time permits, I’ll be doing a review of the latest version. Until then, please visit the ProDad site - and explore its power and potential for yourself.